Miami’s R&B sensation!!!!

I want to personally thank you for visiting my page!!! Here you will find ALL things LACE!!! From blogs to upcoming shows, videos and last but not least…….GOOD MUSIC!!!! Welcome to my world… world of "Mood Music!"

Mood Music 

What's up ya'll don't curse me out. I haven't been neglecting the site...Ive just been too pooped to add any more posts here. I really need someone that can take care of the day to day stuff regarding the site. But the album is coming along nicely...the single is currently #118 on the 
DRT Independent chart and for that Im grateful. The new DRT comes out tomorrow and Im looking forward to seeing how far along the song has come on the chart. To anyone that streamed or downloaded any of my music....THANK YOU!!!!!


I believe karma is still working me and it's not fair. When will it be my turn to smile???

I'm baaaaaaack! 

Well I'm back again. Sorry for the delay but you know I had to live a little. Been going through some personal and professional issues lately....sometimes I feel like I just want give up but then I think about how far I've come. I can't do it. Gotta keep pushing. In between working and recording I've been performing. You know what I can't seem to wrap my head around.....the fact that there are so many well wishers but they never show up when I'm performing. It's really a downer. Even more a downer is when someone I'm supposedly to be talking to doesn't show. I can't lie. It hurts. It hurts like hell. But hey I've to a's their loss. That includes one is excluded. I'm gonna leave it at that. I'm a true Cancer and can tend to let things bother me more than they actually should. One thing about it....I channel that energy into songs. It's the best therapy. 


My sincere apologies for not updating my site in such a long time. There's so much that has been going on personally. I promise I will divulge the due time!! Pics, posts and music coming soon!!! Just stay tuned!!!

Thank you 

Things are falling into place. Little by little!! Just got word that I'm performing at Art Basel this year. Thank you JESUS!!!

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Calling all grown folks.....TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE for the grown and, drink and laugh night comedy show!!!! Location is....Schofield Banquet Hall 14260 Old Cutler Rd Palmetto Bay Fla 33158. Tickets are $20 in advance....$25 at the door. Doors open at 6 pm. Showtime starts at 7!!!! For more information contact 786-337-3872!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!!